The advantages of working with Pricetracer


Price leadership

Identify price leaders at a glance and trace price developments.

Show price leaders

Pricetracer displays a crown symbol whenever a retailer is the price leader for a product.

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At which point did a retailer become price leader?

Detect price decreases for a specific vendor over time and learn if they were the sole initiator or one of the initiators.

Easily configure the frequency
of data collection

Well, sometimes more is just more. You determine how precisely retailers and products are monitored.

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Which retailer offers the cheapest prices?

The matrix shows the cheapest sellers at a glance. The more outwards the circle, the more often a retailer offers the cheapest price. This is measured on the basis of three dimensions:


Trace price trends and navigate back to previous points in time

Pricetracer allows you to track the entire price history and to navigate flexibly between moments in time. See the lowest prices at different dates with just one click.

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Select relevant markets by yourself and manage the monitoring process flexibly

Manage & use Pricetracer flexibly.

Only pay for what you use. You can manage Pricetracer with the following components: 


More features

Retailer activity overview

How is a particular retailer pricing your products? And how do his prices relate to the MSRP? You get all the information you need on the retailer details page.

Price level vs. MSRP

Immediately check the ratio of market prices to your MSRP. For your entire product range, selected product groups or a single product!

Deviations from the MSRP by marketplace

Trace how the prices of your products change and vary on different marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping).


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