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Empowering brands & manufacturers in e-commerce

Pricetracer collects price data for your products in all relevant markets.  Complex correlations are visualized in a simple way.

The tool supports you in the strategic positioning of your brand in e-commerce.

Your prices within reach

Fill your knowledge gaps – With Pricetracer you systematically and continuously track offer prices as well as the behavior of different retailers. You always stay on top of important matters in e-commerce.

is the average deviation of all offers from the manufacturer suggested retail price.  This can be prevented with Pricetracer.

of all offers come from unknown vendors. With Pricetracer you can identify unauthorized retailers even faster.

On average, brand manufacturers detect price losses online 3 months too late. Pricetracer provides data on a daily basis.

The right focus

With Pricetracer, you can define relevant markets on your own and flexibly manage market monitoring.

How much is the pricetracer tool?

Starting at € 199 / month

Pay-per-use: You only pay for what you use, thus giving you full control over your costs at all times.

Features & advantages

Pricetracer empowers you to manage your brand :

All market information at a glance

Do you need the most important information on the latest market developments? The dashboard provides all up to date prices and market information at a glance.

Set relevant markets and manage them flexibly

You can control all components of the monitoring process by yourself and change them at any time. You only pay for what you use and always have full control over your costs.

Price leader matrix

Which retailer offers the lowest prices? The matrix shows the most competitive vendors in one visual.

Identify price leaders

Check price leaders for specific products and learn when a retailer becomes price leader.

Price history and price trends

Trace the price history in relation to the MSRP on a long term basis.

The Pricetracer has much more to offer!

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